Landmark Links September 9th – Misunderstood

  Lead Story… I doubt that any generation has ever been hyper-analyzed the way that Millennials have.  You can’t turn on the TV, read a news website site or open a newspaper (yes, some people still read them) without coming across an opinion piece purporting to know everything about Millennials: how to make them happy at work, […]

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Landmark Links September 6th – Not As It Seems

  Shorter Links today due to the Labor Day Weekend holiday. Also, some of you long-term readers might recognize the picture from last year….arguably our all-time favorite. Lead Story… I’ve continuously heard comments over the past few years that, at some point interest rates need to revert to “normal.” In this case normal obviously meaning substantially […]

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Landmark Links September 1st – Clueless

  Lead Story… On Tuesday, I posted a piece about how construction unions actively undermined a measure that CA Governor Jerry Brown had presented to help solve California’s affordable housing crisis by making it easier to gain approval for residential projects that would provide a certain number of affordable units.  I have limited time to write today’s blog […]

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