Reasons To Watch International And Family-Office Investors

NEWPORT BEACH, CA—There is a tremendous amount of capital from both international and family-office investors wanting to participate in the US real estate market, and they can participate by aligning themselves with best-in-class sponsors and in other ways, Landmark Capital Advisors’ president and managing director David Kidder tells The firm believes so strongly that […]

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Landmark Links November 8th – Size Matters

  Lead Story…. CIO Magazine posted a thought provoking piece last week about how first time private equity investment managers consistently outperformed established managers from 2000-2012.  Many of our investor clients are private equity funds and I worked for a commercial real estate pension fund advisor in a prior life.  Needless to say, this is a […]

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Landmark Links November 4th – Who’s On First?

  Lead Story…. It seems like nearly everyone in the real estate industry likes to use the baseball analogy to describe the real estate cycle.  There’s a little known rule that every home builder/developer conference has to have a panel where participants are asked what inning the current cycle is in by a moderator.  I suppose that this […]

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