Landmark Links August 17th – All in the Family

  Must Read of the Day: California is increasingly becoming a place where first time home buyers can only do so with down-payment assistance from their families. Economy Downward Spiral: The Great Recession never ended for humanities majors as college students shun them for degrees that will actually generate income. Independence Day: A surge in oil price […]

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Landmark Links August 14th – Temptation

  Every now and then one comes across an idea so dreadful that it’s almost as if the people behind it have run out of ideas and are simply throwing shit up against the wall in a desperate attempt to find something that sticks, consequences be damned.  This crossed my mind last week as I […]

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Landmark Links August 10th – Reflection

  One of the best things about taking a long vacation is the ability to take a step back from the day-to-day demands of life and take inventory of what you are doing well and what needs improvement.  I started writing Landmark Links on March 19, 2015 as a way to sharpen my writing skills, […]

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