Landmark Links July 12th – Over-Accessorized

Must Read: Rents are rising across the country in the office sector but the cost of tenant improvements are rising much faster and landlords are increasing scope in an effort to out-amenitize their competition. For now, the result is declining landlord margins.  However, things could get much uglier when the next downturn hits and landlords […]

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Landmark Links July 9th – Flippin’ Bold

Must Read: The inside story of how Rich Barton returned to Zillow as CEO and is attempting a major pivot to turn the company into an online house-flipping machine. Economy Worse Than It Appears: Despite strong headline jobs data, wage growth has been weak and other economic indicators are soft.  The reason is that underemployment is […]

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Landmark Links July 2nd – Boom

Quick Programming Note: This will be the only post for the week of July 4th since I have better things to do than write a blog on the 4th and you have better things to do than read one on the day after our nation’s birthday.  Enjoy the holiday with your family and friends and we’ll […]

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