Landmark Links April 25th – Myth Busters


Lead Story… What a week.  Back in the office today after a fun weekend in Cabo.  I’m a bit limited on time but thought that these two myth-busting articles about the real cost of a college education and Millennial job hopping were fascinating:

Myth Busters Part 1: Yes, sticker prices are high but the actual cost of college isn’t nearly as steep as commonly thought once scholarship and grant money is taken into account.

Myth Busters Part 2: Millennials don’t job hop at anywhere near the rate commonly believed. In fact they look an awful lot like previous generations in this area.  Here’s why it would be a whole lot better if they did.


Shale Fail: OPEC used to be able to influence the cost of oil through supply cuts. Now those days are gone thanks to American shale producers.

Perspective: Generally speaking, the global living conditions keep improving, despite a nearly constant negative media narrative.  These 5 charts show how.


Gone to Pot: Could state-chartered public banks provide the lifeline that marijuana companies need to access regulated lending and depository markets?  See Also: There are some interesting parallels between investing in marijuana today and investing in alcohol before the repeal of prohibition.


Not What We Needed: The Trump administration just announced yuge tariffs on Canadian lumber because apparently construction costs aren’t soaring quickly enough. 

Don’t Believe the Hype: Mortgage credit availability is still terrible by historical standards.

Rise of the Machines: Robots and modular factories are going to play a major role in filling the construction labor shortage.

Nine Oh Wine: Chinese investors are making bets on Temecula wineries and communities around them.


Black Box: Increasingly complex algorithms that govern online retail prices  and are causing wide price swings for goods.

Playing With Fire: Uber managed to run afoul of Apple by continuing to track former users even after they had deleted the app.  These are the people we are trusting with autonomous car data….

BS: Silicon Valley-based juicer start up that cost hundreds of dollars says you can now get a refund after it was exposed as complete bullshit.  (h/t Darren Fancher)

Chart of the Day


You Know the Drill: A man stole $250k and a Viagra prescription from the safe of a strip club appropriately called “Wacko’s” because, Florida.

Yo Quiero Taco Bell: A Pennsylvania man was arrested for drunk driving after he crashed into a light pole in Pittsburgh.  To make matters worse, the man’s Chihuahua was found intoxicated as well after it lapped up vodka that had spilled from a bottle that was on his lap at the time of the crash.  The criminal complaint notes that the “aggravated” man kept yelling “monkey dicks” and “similar nonsense phrases” while en route to jail.

Extra Fiber: An American frozen food company recently recalled their hash browns because they had bits of golf ball material in them.  (h/t Darren Fancher)

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