Landmark Links August 17th – All in the Family


Must Read of the Day: California is increasingly becoming a place where first time home buyers can only do so with down-payment assistance from their families.


Downward Spiral: The Great Recession never ended for humanities majors as college students shun them for degrees that will actually generate income.

Independence Day: A surge in oil price used to be a good indicator of a coming US recession.  However, technological advances that have allowed for massive increases in domestic production have changed things dramatically.

Dining Out: Americans are spending like crazy at restaurants.

Help Wanted: Teenagers are increasingly shunning summer employment opportunities.


Don’t Get High On Your Own Supply: The Inception Companies has launched a new REIT vehicle to capitalize on the dearth of financing options available to cannabis operators in states that have legalized.

Takeover: Dollar General became the fastest-growing retailer in the US and took over rural America by executing a growth strategy of going where no one else is.

Cause and Effect: The San Francisco Giants were able to build a new ballpark that led to the redevelopment of a largely forgotten section of San Francisco, largely due to the massive popularity of Barry Bonds.  That redeveloped area became the hub of the current tech boom but probably wouldn’t have had it not been for the new stadium which probably wouldn’t have happened if not for the Bonds-driven Giants resergence.

Wood Is Good?  Oregon has become the first state to legalize mass timber high rise construction.


Guns Drawn: Big money is pouring into both sides of a California initiative that would make it easier for cities to institute rent control (despite no credible evidence that it actually lowers rents) that will be on the statewide ballot this fall.

Bottom of the Barrel: Los Angeles and Orange County now have the lowest home ownership rate in the United States.

Mixed Use: Airbnb is continuing to roll out its branded “almost-hotel” concept with a large apartment project in Nashville – and ruffling some resident feathers along the way.

Battle Lines: A massive glut of courses combined with a need for new housing is attracting developers to failing golf properties.  However, winning over the neighbors is not easy.


What Could Go Wrong?  Fintech companies are diving into the world of subprime credit card lending.

Fake Views: How selling fake social media popularity became a big – and lucrative business.

Outsourcing: Institutions are increasingly getting rid of in-house investment teams and outsourcing the management of their portfolios.

Chart of the Day

Here’s how America uses its land


Source: Bloomberg


Spirit Animal: Firefighters in London rescued a foul mouthed parrot stuck on a roof who told them to f*** off.

Holy S**t: A man who identified himself as “God” was arrested for harassing residents while wearing only his boxers because Florida.

Shocking if True: A new study published in the Journal of Psychiatric Research found that drinking Red Bull Vodka increases “risk of fighting, violence, and participation in risky behaviors.”  This is shocking in that there was someone out there who didn’t realize that this conclusion was self evident to begin with.

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