Landmark Links January 25th – Out in the Cold


Must Read: One would think that recent increases in for-sale housing inventory would benefit middle-class buyers but that is not, in fact what is happening.  In many parts of the US, price gains have slowed but the number of units on the market that a middle-income family can actually afford has declined.


Writing Is On The Wall:  Without more babies and immigrants, the United States won’t be able to support its aging population.

Amplified Impact: Central banks need to proceed carefully: in a low-growth world, a little bit of monetary tightening can go a long, and painful, way.

Rock Bottom: Weekly initial unemployment claims dropped below 200k for the first time since 1969.


Judgement Day: Commercial landlords are growing nervous that federal government tenants could miss their next rent payment amid the ongoing shutdown.

Inflection Point? Roughly 20% of RCLOC’s latest sentiment survey participants believe that US commercial real estate is already in a downturn.


Californication: Boise is booming as west coast refugees relocate for the cost of living and quality of life.  However, an influx of new residents is driving up housing prices and leading to congestion as the city struggles to add enough units to satisfy demand.  As you can probably imagine, NIMBYs are pushing back.

Purpose-Built: As competition for existing SFR assets intensifies, investors increasingly look to new development to meet demand.


Offering a Solution: Subway officials in NYC say that they need $40 billion to modernize the system.  Here’s a solution: legalize pot, which currently has an illegal market value in New York as high as $3.5 billion per year.

Chip on Shoulder: One of the most impressive things about the Patriots dynasty is that they have managed to maintain an underdog mentality despite overwhelming success.

Rise of the Machines: Amazon is going to start testing ‘Scout’ delivery robots near Seattle.

Chart of the Day

  1. Its incredible how a booming economy didn’t result in anything close to overbuilding in this cycle.
  2. Demographics over the next 20 years are looking increasingly scary.

Source: The Daily Shot


Revenge of the Nerds: A Wisconsin man wrecked his home with an ax because he thought that his wife damaged his action figures.

What A Deal: A woman was shot outside a gas station after she performed a sex act in exchange for $5 and some Pringles because Florida.

Gross: A company is selling $80 used tissues to “help boost the body’s immune system.”  They’re also apparently sold out because there’s a sucker born every minute.

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