Landmark Links March 5th – Shoot, Ready, Aim

Must Read: Developers are closing on opportunity zone parcels before they even know what they will build in an effort to beat the tax clock.


Keep on Trucking: Cheap retail goods are about to become a casualty of a massive truck driver shortage.

On Fire: Prolonged low unemployment is benefiting low skilled workers who were previously left out of the workforce.  However, the gains have largely not been felt in rural areas and the next economic downturn could be particularly painful.

Go West: This is a really cool animated visual that shows how US population density has changed over the past 200 years.


Scrape: Many of the shuttered Kmart and Sears stores that were not spared by ESL’s bid to save the company from liquidation will likely be bulldozed rather than re-tenanted.

Downmarket: Amazon once again is sending shock-waves through the grocery business by announcing that it is launching a new grocery store business separate from Whole Foods.

Don’t Call it a Comeback: Investors are high on REITs again, partially thanks to the Fed’s softened view on interest rates.


Buyers Remorse: A survey from Bankrate found that 63% of millennial homebuyers have regrets thanks to underestimating the full costs of home ownership.

Don’t Call It A Comeback: Pending home sales bounced back hard in January thanks to lower mortgage rates and an increasingly dovish Fed.  See Also: The home ownership rate is nearing a 5-year high.


Supply and Demand: The fracking boom is on in the Permian Basin (again) meaning there’s no housing, hotel rates that rival Manhattan, a brisket shortage and barbers are pulling in $180k a year.

Custom Order: Amazon is starting to let Prime customers in the US pick which day of the week to receive deliveries in an effort to cut down on boxes.

Showtime: How Jeff Bezos went to Hollywood and lost control.

Chart of the Day

This is remarkable.

Source: Bloomberg

And so is this:

Source: JP Morgan


Ready for Shore Leave: A drunk captain crashed a massive cargo ship into a South Korean bridge because Russia.

Chowing Down: A 33 year old teacher is making millions by streaming himself eating 60,000 calorie meals on YouTube which is depressing in that I didn’t think of this idea first.

Totally Believable: A man who was accused of masturbating in front of children claims that he was just adjusting a hernia because Florida.

Fiends: Opium-addicted parrots are raiding poppy farms in India, creating headaches for farmers. (h/t David Landes)

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